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How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Bankruptcy Fees

You may be considering filing for bankruptcy but hesitating over the potential administrative and legal costs of the action. If you have decided you need bankruptcy as a solution for your financial struggles, it is understandable that you might be concerned over incurring any more expenses. You shouldn't let this stop you from taking effective action to turn things around. The cost of bankruptcy will depend in large part on how prepared you are before you begin. By working with a skilled lawyer, you can significantly cut down on the costs by streamlining the process and making sure that your are prepared.

The court fees for bankruptcy depend on what type you will be using. Chapter 7 fees are $335, and Chapter 13 is $274. These fees are usually insignificant compared to the amount you will save every month by not having to pay on the debts you discharge. Even if you have to liquidate some of your personal property in Chapter 7 to satisfy your creditors, the long term savings can be great. You won't have to worry about loan payments, late fees and wage garnishment. It is impossible to put a price on the relief from emotional and physical stress. Even your legal fees will most likely be offset by the fact that your attorney can work to protect your assets from liquidation at the meeting of creditors during Chapter 7 or negotiating a favorable repayment plan for a Chapter 13 case.

Come to Price Law Group for affordable legal representation and guidance when you want to handle your debt burdens through bankruptcy. Sooner than you expect, you may be able to start over financially and live a life without the draining worries of repossession, foreclosure, or other financial concerns.

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