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Insurance Bad Faith Lawsuits

Assisting With Insurance Settlements

A large percentage of cases of insurance bad faith go unreported, simply because many policy holders are unaware that they have a right to take action to defend their rights. Insurance companies promise financial support in times of need, and if you have been making paying the premiums on your policy for months or years, you have a right to expect full payment when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, some insurance companies employ tactics that are designed to delay or deny payment on claims. If you have been cheated by your insurer, you can speak with an attorney about your rights and the possibility of filing a lawsuit to enforce payment.

Unscrupulous insurance companies are known to use several different strategies to deceive or exasperate the policy holder in order to relieve themselves of the necessity of paying the full amount covered. The result is that the policy holder is left with far less than needed to pay for things such as medical bills or home repairs, and in some cases the entire claim is fraudulently denied altogether, leading to problems like repossessions. Common strategies include instructing adjusters to underestimate the value of damage, delaying issuance of settlement checks, sending the adjuster out too late to get an accurate estimate of the damage and employing a "fine print" technicality to deny the claim.

Obtain the Full Amount You are Entitled to

The attorneys at Price Law Group understand how frustrating it can be to encounter opposition from your insurer when you expected cooperation and support. You will find help and understanding when you contact the firm for a consultation. They will represent you throughout the process of recovering the settlement you deserve, and whether your insurer responds to attempts to negotiate or makes it necessary to file a lawsuit, your attorney will work diligently to see that you receive payment.

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