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How to Fight a Repossession

At risk of losing your vehicle?

More and more people in Oakland have had to face the prospect of having a car, truck or other item repossessed in today's difficult economic climate, and if you are among those who are threatened with repossession or if you have already lost the item, you know how depressing it can be. On top of the upset over your loss, you have to deal with the embarrassment of the situation. Maybe you purchased jewelry or a TV, only to have the pride of your achievement reversed by the repo agent. If you lost your vehicle, you now have to deal with the sudden interruption of not being able to get to work easily, let alone take your children to school or get your errands done.

If you act fast, you may be able to prevent the repossession or recover your property by working with an effective attorney from Price Law Group. When you signed the loan document, you most likely did agree to let the lender exercise the right of repossession in the event that you defaulted on your payments. But if it has become impossible for you to keep up on the payments, your attorney can contact the lender and attempt to negotiate a loan modification with a lower interest rate or a longer loan term. If the item has already been repossessed, you may have as few as 10 days to take action, or the item may be sold at auction. If the sale price is less than what you owe, the lender will likely sue you for the balance.

What if my car was seized with my belongings in it?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), your creditor is not allowed to sell or keep any of your personal belongings. In some states, your lessor or creditor must contact you with a list of the belongings found in the car and instructions explaining how to get them back. Under no circumstances can your possessions be withheld from you – your creditor is only allowed to seize your vehicle. He/she must return your belongings upon your request. If your creditor is unable to account for any possessions left in your automobile, the FTC recommends that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. At the Price Law Group, we are ready to fight for your rights in court. If you believe that your car was wrongfully seized or that your personal belongings were in the car but not returned to you, contact an attorney from the firm today.

Fight for it!

If you experienced creditor abuse during the repossession, your lawyer can also help you file a claim for damages that could not only return you the lost item but also win you punitive damages. Repo agents are forbidden by law to disturb the peace in the course of making a repossession, and if they used force or threats against you or towed the vehicle away with you inside, you likely have grounds for a law suit. An attorney from Price Law Group will meet with you to discuss every aspect of your case and help you fight to defend your rights.

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